How does 24-hour Real-time Automatic Monitoring can promote the efficiency of law enforcement and help enterprises to improve ecological environment governance in Suzhou

Located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Suzhou has a well-developed industrial economy and a wide range of industries. However, the number of environmental law enforcement personnel does not fully match the huge size of enterprises, and that's why Automatic Monitoring, the 24-hour real-time on-line supervision, can promote the efficiency of law enforcement and help enterprises to improve ecological environment governance.

As a front-line soldier in the battle of pollution prevention and control, whether the automatic monitoring data can truly reflect the emission of enterprises is the one and only standard to judge whether the automatic monitoring equipment is "clear-eyed" or not.

As the main body of pollution prevention and control, enterprises must fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection according to law, ensure the normal operation of automatic monitoring equipment, and take responsibility for the authenticity and accuracy of data, otherwise, enterprises will be punished.

On April 16,2020, the Suzhou Ecological Environment Law Enforcement Bureau carried out a law enforcement inspection on a company in Wujiang District based on the information from the platform. They found that the operation and maintenance of the automatic monitoring equipment of the company was not align to the standard, ammonia nitrogen automatic monitoring equipment didn’t meet the relevant requirements of the state, monitoring data didn’t accurately reflect the situation of enterprise emissions.

This behavioris suspected of violating the provisions of Article twenty-three, paragraph 1, of the Law of the PRC on the prevention and control of water pollution, the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and environment shall order it to correct and impose a fine.

Currently there are 38 third-party operation and maintenance enterprises in Suzhou providing pollution source automatic monitoring equipment. The entry barrier is very low and the proficiency of employees are debatable.

Automatic monitoring equipment is part of pollution prevention and control facilities within enterprises. It is their legal responsibility to guarantee the normal operation of these devices. The case is Suzhou's environmental enforcement agency's "first shot" at companies that fail to ensure that their automated monitoring equipment works properly. It also gives alarms to those who have the idea of "spending money to eliminate disasters ", assign automatic monitoring equipment operation and maintenance to a third party and stop to pay attention to it.

In recent years, Suzhou city is strengthening the management of automatic monitoring of pollution sources by compacting the main responsibilities of enterprises; continuously improve the ability of on-site inspection and provide hands-on training; and use online technology for investigation to strengthen off-site law enforcement ; resolutely eliminate unnecessary law enforcement matters, reduce the frequency of on-site inspections of enterprises through automatic monitoring, ensure the strength and effectiveness of supervisio meanwhile trying to reduce the burden on enterprises; create mutual trust between law enforcement departments and polluting enterprises ; help Suzhou to create the most comfortable business environment, to promote green as the most beautiful background for high-quality development.

Suzhou eco-environmental system will further strengthen the standardized management of the automatic monitoring of pollution sources throughout the city, strengthen online inspection, and give full play to the role of the automatic monitoring system of pollution sources in environmental monitoring, to ensure the orderly and standard operation of the pollution source automatic monitoring system.



Source: Suzhou Bureau of Ecology and Environment